Pay attention to the details because they matter. Lighting, poses, and props all contribute to building a consistent visual identity for your brand. Don't overlook the importance of props in branding photography. Props are essential for creating a cohesive visual identity that tells your brand's story. By carefully choosing props that reflect your brand's personality, add visual interest, and create authenticity, you can enhance your branding photography and attract your target audience. Don't underestimate the power of props and the impact they can have on your brand's visual presence.

#1 how props can tell your brand story

Choosing props for your personal branding photography session should be done strategically. Props can tell a unique story and evoke emotion in the viewer, connecting them with your brand more deeply. What items best represent the story of your brand’s journey? Think about how you spend your day, what aspects of your business you want to showcase, and what milestones deserve to be celebrated in an image. Capture those special moments by adding props that bring it all to life!

#2 choose props that reflect your brand personality

When planning a personal branding photo session, be sure to think carefully about curating the right props and shooting location. In doing so, it's important to consider elements which reflect your desired brand personality and values. Allow yourself room for creative exploration as even the smallest details can have the biggest impact. For example, when selecting props for your shoot, focus on color palettes that evoke the appropriate emotion within your brand, textures which draw attention and represent a certain aesthetic you want to convey, and materials which stand out from the background but also fit with overall feel of your brand visuals. Additionally, props provide many useful elements like depth and visual interest, highlights of colors or shapes that anchors eyes, and even act as a subtle review tool for viewers if used correctly. Balance is imperative!

#3 keep it real and build connection

Create a sense of truth, warmth, and connection with your viewers by choosing appropriate props throughout your personal branding photography session. Find items that your potential clients can emotionally connect to - these props should act as visual cues for what you’re offering and really help draw in your viewer. Brainstorm ways you can create scenarios that showcase your work just like you would see within the typical day: consider client models or backdrops that feel equal parts professional and inviting. Crafting such an environment in photos will instantly draw anyone in who could be looking for the same service you provide. As well, ensure that all visuals keep in line with the “realness” of your work: keep poses organic and friendly--think lifestyle than studio here! Ultimately, creating propelling images will promote resonance with those considering inquiring with you down the road. After all, it’s what your brand stands for at its core beyond just a concept.

Kristy, the owner of EXCELSIOR Skin & Body crushed her branding sesh, and you can too! 

Let your passion be seen and felt. Your business is worth it.